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    The Back Mountain resides in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. An area nestled away only 15 minutes from Route 81, the Back Mountain shows promise and growth for businesses. We are home to 2 prestigious Universities which are continuously attracting new people from around the United States. The possibility for success is continuously expanding.

    Information about The Back Mountain:

    Demographic Excel Sheet - Based on 2016 US Census

    The Back Mountain is home to approximately 32,012 people

    < 25 Years - 8,976

    25 - 44 Years - 7,620

    45 - 64 Years - 9,646

    + 65 Years - 5,770


    We are a family orientated area which has 11,479 total households, 70% of which are family households.


    1 out of 5 people +25 years of age, received a bachelors degree from a Secondary Education. Of those 20% of people, 69% of them have earned their Masters Degree.


    The heritage of the Back Mountain predominately descends from Europe. 77% of our ancestors arrived from either England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, or Whales.


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